Clearwater Beach Wedding at the Clearwater Recerational Center

Clearwater Beach Wedding at the Clearwater Recerational Center


Last Saturday night, I officiated Nichole and Rick’s Clearwater Beach wedding. The wedding and reception was held at the Clearwater Recreational Center. They had a Hawaiian theme for the wedding. Guest were greeted by Hawaiian’s in costume giving everyone a flowered lei to wear and a shell that would be tossed in the ocean at the end of the ceremony.

Hawaiian greeters at Rick and Nichole's Clearwater Beach wedding.

Hawaiian greeters at Rick and Nichole’s Clearwater Beach wedding.


For the shell toss I said, “On the count of 3 we will all toss our shells into the water & as the ripples touch & intertwine with one another may our love & best wishes also join together for Nicole & Rick.” “Ready 1-2-3- TOSS!”

The wedding was outside on the lawn facing the gulf. They had over 100 guests in attendance. Weddings & Events by Suda coordinated the day of events. Suda had everyone lined up, and was very timely and organized.

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They even had me decorated with Hawaiian lei

Bridesmaids wore mint green dresses all knee length except for maid of honor who was wearing a gown. Groomsmen were comfortably dressed beige slacks, vest and ties. Nichole looked so beautiful. She wore a strapless off the shoulders white dress with a pretty pearl and jewel necklace that just accented her neckline and bead work on front of her dress. They all got their dresses at David’s Bridal.  Nichole had a Hawaiian version of here comes the bride played as she walked down the aisle. She was given away by her parents. At the end of the ceremony the guest were asked to go to the water’s edge for the shell toss. Guest were asked to make a blessing and a wish for the happy couple. Then at count of three toss the shells into the ocean.


The reception was inside following the ceremony. Delectable’s Catering did the catering and  Chantilly’s cakes made a beautiful cake.


Clearwater Beach wedding and Hawaiian themed cake

Rick and Nicole were very pleased and happy with everything. They weren’t going on a honeymoon just yet as they had out of town guest visiting. Nichole and Rick were a great couple,  I enjoyed performing ceremony and being a part of their special Clearwater Beach wedding.

Ana Maria Island Destination Wedding

Ana Maria Island Destination Wedding


Christopher contacted me about officiating his Ana Maria Island destination wedding. The wedding was going to be at the Sand Bar restaurant in Ana Maria Island. Christopher and Megan would be travelling from New York for the wedding.

Christopher corresponded with me in preparing the ceremony and I helped him with a number of  questions and concerns. A week before the ceremony he e-mailed me asking if I thought he should switch the time from 4 pm to closer to sunset. He was concerned that it would be too hot at 4 pm. Not being from Florida that hadn’t been a concern of his when he started planning the wedding. I let him know that their ceremony wasn’t that long and suggested that they have some paper fans and perhaps a bucket with cold bottled water for guest if he was concerned about the heat. He decided to keep the time at 4 pm and fortunately he did, because we had heavy thunderstorms shortly after the wedding ceremony. Ellida, my associate, preformed their Ana Maria Island destination wedding ceremony and note that they actually had a nice breeze under the trees where the wedding was.

The wedding party arrived in a limo provided by Longboat Limousine.  The best man, Paul, escorted the mothers and then walked down with the Maid of Honor, Jennifer.  The ring bearer was their 10 year old son, Jackson. Megan was a beautiful bride. She carried a gorgeous bouquet of white and pink flowers and looked stunning.  Guitar music played before, during, and after the ceremony. Christopher and Meghan were very emotional during the ceremony. It was a beautiful wedding.

Christopher e-mailed me on Monday saying:  “Thank you, Charmaine. Ellida was great. Thanks for all the help and advice, it was a relief to come to trust someone as a source of good information, and I’m glad we found you.”

Ellida with

Ellida with Christoper, Megan, and Jackson at the Ana Maria Island Destination Wedding.

Sand Key Park in Clearwater Wedding

Sand Key Park in Clearwater Wedding


After 47 e-mails and 10 months of corresponding, I finally met and officiated Melissa & Mark’s Sand Key Park  in Clearwater wedding on Saturday night. Melissa was having about 10-15 guest and the wedding party would be their three small children. She wanted to have a sand ceremony and asked for us to provide table and cloth covering. George Sr took photos and brought our portable i-pod player so we could provide the music for the ceremony.  We also made a heart in the sand with yellow, red, and pink rose petals.

Getting ready for the wedding on Sand Key Beach.

Getting ready for the wedding on Sand Key Beach. Photos by George Sr.

Mark wore a black tux with an orange tie and vest. Their youngest boy, Riley, was the ring bearer and first to walk down to the beach. He was so cute! Had on a black suite with an orange tie and vest that matched his Dad’s. When he walked up to Mark he handed him a note. Mark opened it and read, “I can’t wait to marry you, Mark.I love you Melissa.”


Riley looking sharp as he walks down the beach toward’s his Mom and Dad’s Sand Key Park in Clearwater wedding. Photos by George Sr.

The two daughters were flower girls Kayden and Bailey. They followed after Riley. They had pretty oranges dresses on and were adorable!!

Girls walking down to the ceremony.

Melissa and Marks’ girls walking down to the ceremony. Photos by George Sr.

Melissa then followed the girls. She looked beautiful. She wore a bear neck sleeveless white dress with a jeweled necklace. She was carrying a bouquet of yellow and orange flowers tied together with an orange ribbon that matched the orange colors of the wedding party.

Melissa walking down the beach isle at her Sand Key Park in Clearwater Wedding.

Melissa walking down the beach isle at her Sand Key Park in Clearwater Wedding. Photos by George Sr.

Melissa and Mark have been together for over 6 years. They met at their jobs where Mark is a welder and Melissa was a bookkeeper. It was about time after 6 years that they were married!! You could see the love and joy they had for one another.

Officiating Melissa and Mark's Sand Key Park in Clearwater wedding ceremony. You can see that they truly love each other!!

Officiating Melissa and Mark’s Sand Key Park in Clearwater wedding ceremony. You can see that they truly love each other!! Photos  by George Sr.

The children participated in the sand ceremony with them. Filling the picture frame with pretty colored sands.


“Just as the grains of sand are poured from individual containers so will your marriage be.” Photos by George Sr.

George Sr. took pictures, before, after and during the ceremony. Just as he was taking photos he noticed the dark clouds rolling in. Fortunately most of the photos were done. He wanted to do a few more, but it was starting to rain. Then it started to pour. He and everyone from the wedding were able to run and not get totally soaked. At least all went well for the ceremony and photos. It was so nice to meet Melissa after so many months of corresponding and planning together. She e-mailed me the following day saying, “Thanks for everything. You guys did an amazing job!!!”

Photos by George Sr.

Photos by George Sr.