Sunrise Wedding- St. Petersburg Beach FL

Sunrise Wedding- St. Petersburg Beach FL


I get up decently early each day but not early enough to see the sunrise! Hah! But when asked to officiate a sunrise wedding ceremony,  I’ll be glad to get up and officiate your ceremony. Sunrise is by far the nicest time to have a wedding ceremony on the beach. Especially in the summer months. In the morning the beaches are quiet, calm, and peaceful…and not so hot. If you want a nice quiet beach wedding ceremony, you should consider an early morning wedding. It’s not ideal for guest, but if you are having guests consider a nice brunch followed by a day at the beach.

For Maegan & Robert it was about them. Robert said they had thought about courthouse, but decided they wanted something that they would have memories and be special. They were eloping!  They plan to have something else with friends and guests next year. We planned their sunrise wedding- St. Petersburg Beach FL for  7:00 AM. The sun doesn’t rise over the beach, but as it was becoming daylight the sky and scenery was just beautiful. Maegan & Robert met at the Beachcomber Hotel in St Petersburg Beach so that’s where they decided they should get married. They had stayed at Beachcomber the night before and I performed the ceremony for them the following morning. They were going to enjoy the rest of the day & weekend together before returning back to day to day life. Maegan & Robert will be moving to Oklahoma in June. Robert is stationed in the Air Force, and will be transferred to Oklahoma.

Happily married couple!

The happily married couple! Sunrise wedding- St. Petersburg Beach FL

Maegan messaged me later and said, “Thank you so much for making our morning so special”

If you are interested in a morning wedding contact A Beautiful Wedding in Florida Clearwater and A Beautiful Wedding in Florida Tallahassee. We would love to perform your morning wedding.

Look how beautiful the sky is

Look how beautiful the sky is in the morning. Sunrise wedding- St. Petersburg Beach FL

Don Caesar Wedding Ceremony St. Petersburg Florida

Don Caesar Wedding Ceremony St. Petersburg Florida


A beautiful place for an ocean view wedding ceremony without being directly on the beach is on the courtyard of the terrace at Lowes Don Caesar Hotel in St Petersburg Beach.  I was contacted by Table 6 Productions & Event Planning to perform Roberta & Bert’s wedding ceremony on Friday evening. While guest were arriving Pete Simms played the guitar as they were seated. When it was time for the ceremony Roberta was walked down the aisle by her Uncle James. The song, “Girl from Impanema” was the song that was played for her to walk down the aisle.  Bert met her at the bottom of the staircase and together walked up the staircase to where the ceremony was held.

The wedding ceremony was held on the steps in front of the Don Caesar overlooking the beautiful ocean.

The wedding ceremony was held on the steps in front of the Don Caesar overlooking the beautiful ocean.

The courtyard overlooks the ocean.  At the top of the staircase a beautiful view of the ocean can be seen. Roberta looked elegant as she walked down the aisle carrying a bouquet of mixed purple, lavender and white flowers. Guest were seated on the decorated white chairs with purple tie backs.

Don Caesar Wedding Ceremony St. Petersburg Florida

Don Caesar Wedding Ceremony St. Petersburg Florida

A small group of family and friends attended the wedding. Robert and Bert both said beautiful words to each other in the ceremony. After the ceremony guest and friends were celebrating at The Don Caesar. A dinner with Samba dancers, dancing and entertainment was the evening plans. The following day Bert & Roberta were going on a sunset cruise with Dolphins Landing.

They repeatedly thanked me for everything when I left. I wished them a lifetime of happiness together.

Don Caesar Wedding Ceremony St. Petersburg Florida

Me with the newly married Roberta and Bert at their Don Caesar Wedding Ceremony St. Petersburg Florida

Simple Weekend Weddings

Simple Weekend Weddings


Summer weekend weddings are very popular in Florida…and I love being a part of them! This past weekend I had the privilege of officiating three awesome couples simple weddings.

On Sunday, I met Heather & Ray at 7:00 AM and performed their morning sunrise wedding ceremony on beautiful Pass-A-Grille Beach in St Petersburg  A friend of theirs brought them to the beach in a limo. The beach was so quite. The only sounds were the ocean waves and a few sea gulls hovering along the shore. This is why sunrise weddings in the summer are my favorite time for beach weddings. Ray & Heather wanted a simple quiet ceremony on Pass-A-Grille beach and they got it! There wasn’t even the typical beach goers. It was just quiet, simple, and beautifully romantic.

wedding pass-a-grille beach

Ray and Heather’s sunrise wedding on Pass-a-grille beach.

Saturday afternoon I married Ron & Debra at their home in Palm Harbor, FL. Ron hired me as his Palm Harbor wedding officiant and asked me for the most basic simplest traditional ceremony. They wanted their wedding to be a celebration with a few family members and friends. The ceremony was in their living room and was just what they wanted. Debra’s sister from New York surprised Debra and came to Florida just for the wedding. They were having a celebration at a neighbor’s house. The ceremony was exactly as they asked it to be.

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Ron & Debra at their Palm Harbor wedding

Also on Saturday afternoon I officiated Kelly and Don’s wedding at Rigsby Recreation Center in Safety Harbor. Family and friends had decorated and setup the hall for the ceremony and reception. It was nice to be a part of an indoor wedding on a hot Florida Saturday afternoon.

Rigsby Recreational Center in Safety Harbor set up for wedding

Rigsby Recreational Center in Safety Harbor set up for wedding

Don was comfortable in his black tux and Kelly looked beautiful in her white gown. Don was nervous before the ceremony and was glad to see me when I arrived. I talked to him and asked him how he and Kelly met and got to know more about him and Kelly. As we spoke he calmed down and was then just anxious for the ceremony. They met a year and a half ago in a bar. He never thought he’d meet someone in a bar and get married to that person. He chuckled when I told him that’s how I met my now husband of 32 years. Kelly and Don had a simple wedding ceremony and reception. They were going to spend a few days honeymooning on St. Petersburg Beach.

Kelly & Don photo Safety Harbor wedding

Kelly & Don at their Safety Harbor wedding

Weddings don’t have to be big and extravagant to be nice. As a Palm Harbor Wedding Officiant, trust me, there are plenty of ways to create a wedding ceremony that is perfect for you and your budget.

Sand Key Clearwater Wedding Ceremony

Sand Key Clearwater Wedding Ceremony


After being together for eleven years Celina & Antwan were married on Saturday , July 19 at Sand Key Park in Clearwater. They have two beautiful children a 6 year old girl and a one year old boy with another boy due in November. They decided it was time to be married!! Celina & Antwan drove to Florida from Georgia. A few family members were able to be drive to Florida and join them at the ceremony and they had some other relatives in the area who were able to come to the ceremony. Celina contacted Charmaine two weeks ago to see if she was available to perform their Sand Key Clearwater wedding ceremony and if could George Sr.  was available to do photos. We were available and delighted to be a part of their Sand Key Clearwater wedding ceremony.

The wedding was an hour before sunset. On the day of the wedding the forecast was for thunderstorms. But, fortunately, we had some clouds which was just enough cloud coverage for it not to be uncomfortably hot but nice for photographs.

Happily married Photos by George Sr.

Just married! Photos by George Sr.

Celina & Antwan faced each other with love in their hearts throughout the ceremony.

Beautiful evening for a sunset Sand Key Clearwater wedding ceremony

Beautiful evening for a sunset Sand Key Clearwater wedding ceremony. Photos by George Sr.

Before the ceremony, Celina asked if I could have her sister sing a song at someplace in the ceremony. After the ring exchange I asked her sister, Helena, to come forward. She beautifully sang, “All of Me” by John Legend. I could see tears in the eyes of many guest, as well as, Celina. It was beautifully done.

Sings during ceremony. Photos by George Sr.

Helena singing during ceremony. Photos by George Sr.

After the ceremony and pictures, Celina & Antwan had a reception dinner at Rumba’s Island Grill in Clearwater. They were spending the rest of the week in St Petersburg before driving back to Georgia. Congratulations, Celina & Antwan!

Susie & Doug’s Wedding at Powell Crosley Estate in Sarasota

Susie & Doug’s Wedding at Powell Crosley Estate in Sarasota


Doug contacted me to officiate his wedding at Powell Crosley Estate in Sarasota on June 21, 2014. Doug & Susie wanted to meet me beforehand, and I  enjoy getting to know the couples I’m going to marry, so I agreed to meet with them. One of the first words Doug said to me was that he wanted an officiant who was professional; which I most certainly aim to be! I had a lot in common with Doug and Susie, for example, they live in Tallahassee and that’s why my daughter and son-in-law live, they are Florida State University fans and so am I, and Susie got her dress at Brides Against Breast Cancer and that’s where we got my daughter’s wedding dress from. So needless to say, I knew we’d get along and have a fun time with their wedding ceremony.

Susie & Doug met through a friend in October 2010. They were playing a game of Domino’s and Susie was paired up with a friend playing against Doug. His team won the game. As she was leaving he asked her out and that’s how it all began. In April 2013, Susie was preparing everything for a beautiful Sunday morning picnic at Lake Ella in Tallahassee where they live. She was rushing around then out-of-no-where Doug grabbed Susie’s hand and got down on one knee & proposed to her.

They decided to have their wedding at Powell Crosley Estate in Sarasotaon on June 21, 2014. Susie has a lot of relatives in Miami and Doug’s family would be traveling from Tallahassee so they wanted the wedding to be at a location half-way for both families.

The front

The front of the Powell Crosley Estate in Sarasota

The beautiful Powell Crosley Estate is a historic Mediterranean Revival mansion called “Seagate” overlooking Sarasota Bay. The day of their wedding was gorgeous!! A light breeze was flowing, not a cloud in the sky, and the water was just sparkling blue. The ceremony was outside in front of the Carriage House.

Getting ready for the ceremony

Getting ready for the ceremony

LaLucha, a three-piece band, played the outside music for the ceremony. I performed the ceremony in English and a friend translated it in Spanish. There were three bridesmaids wearing knee length black with gold dresses & three groomsmen in the wedding party. Susie looked elegant as she walked down the aisle. Susie got her beautiful dress at Brides Against Breast Cancer. Doug looked so handsome in his white tux and black tie.


The lovely bride and groom

The tables were set up outside with gold table cloths and floral centerpieces for the dinner reception. Kimberly Hensley with Kimberly Hensley Events was the coordinator. She did a fabulous job setting up the tables and coordinating the ceremony.


Outdoor reception

After the ceremony, Doug & Susie thanked me and said how much they appreciated everything I did for them. This was a beautiful day and I was happy to be a part of their lovely ceremony. Best wishes, Doug and Susie!!

Shout out to the fabulous vendors whom helped make Doug and Susie’s wedding at Powell Crosley Estate in Sarasota a huge success:

Shake Portraits

Sarasota Catering

Celestial Event

LaLucha Trio

Kimberly Hensley Events

Florida Wedding Questions and Answers

Florida Wedding Questions and Answers


We are experienced Tallahassee and Tampa Florida Notary wedding officiates. When we are contacted we are genuinely interested in knowing about you and your wedding.  Here are some our most commonly asked Florida Wedding Questions and Answers:

Where do I get my marriage license?

Any Clerk of Court in Florida.  You don’t need to get it in the same county as where your wedding is taking place.  Marriage License information can be located on Resources page of our website. 

Do we need witnesses?

No, witnesses are not required.  It is optional to have two witnesses, but it’s not necessary.

Do we sign the marriage license at the wedding?

No.  You will sign the license when you get your marriage license at County Clerk’s office. We will notarize your license and return it for you.  It typically takes the county 10-14 days before they send you a certified copy of your filed marriage license. If you need it sooner let us know, and we will give it back to you to return yourself (if you bring it back yourself to the County Clerk’s office where you got the marriage license they will give the certified copy right then).

Florida notary

As Florida Notary Public’s we will notarize your marriage license then perform your ceremony.

What kind of ceremonies do you perform?

We really enjoy helping couples create a ceremony that is unique and special to them. We have performed sand ceremonies, poems, and simple ring and vow exchange. Let us know if you have any particulars that you want for your wedding. We will correspond with you in preparing ceremony just as you want it for your wedding day.

George Jr. makes your wedding officiate process fun!

Once we notarize your marriage license it’s official! We make your wedding officiate process fun!


Do we need to meet you before the wedding?

It is not necessary for us to meet. Typically we can correspond through e-mail & telephone calls. We can Skype if your not local and want to see your officiate. If you do want to meet and are local to the area let us know and we’d be glad to meet you.

Do we need to have you come to the rehearsal?

It’s not necessary for officiate to attend rehearsal. If your wedding is at a venue with a coordinator ask the coordinator if they want the officiate present at rehearsal. If you don’t have a coordinator we can attend rehearsal and serve as your rehearsal director for you for an additional cost. We can send you a complimentary rehearsal guide to complete prior to rehearsal. If you find you are able to to perform the rehearsal yourself using the rehearsal guide you don’t need to hire us and can save you on the rehearsal cost.

We’d be glad to help you in any way we can. We are available to help with all of your Florida Wedding Questions and Answers. We hope to make your wedding ceremony experience fun and enjoyable. Please do not hesitate to contact us with other questions, concerns, or ideas!